«Neighbour Care» — Social Programme

There are always some people surrounding us that need common help and care. They are low-income people, lonely elderly people, children without parents, people with special needs and those in difficult straits. Help doable for us may be of vital importance for them. While showing of care and support is even more worthy, because people start feeling needed and important.

Our focus areas:

  • purchase necessary medical equipment for those in need (wheelchair, crutches, joints treatment units, etc.);
  • financial aid for medication;
  • financial aid or purchase of alimentary products (food rations);
  • support with necessary goods (furniture, study articles, clothes, toys, etc.);
  • regular help for defenders of Ukraine in the ATO area;
  • common and financial aid for displaced persons and their families;
  • social and spiritual assistance (meetings and communication with retired people, people with special needs, displaced persons and the other people that are in need of attention and moral support; consultations by psychologists).

Medical project «Be healthy!»

There is a long-term medical project «Be healthy!» within the programme.

Primary objective of the project is to notice on time, take measures and help a child to solve current health problems. Our volunteers take a kid’s hand and undergo all stages of medical arrangements: examination, delivery of medical tests to determine a diagnosis, purchase of medication, curing, surgery arrangement (if needed), postoperative support, and assistance with all medical documents.