«Land of Joy» — Social and Economic Programme

Smart charity does not ask questions about what presents is better to give to children or how to take pity on orphaned children? Smart charity asks how to teach a kid to work and earn money? With the express aim of the above said unique social and economic programme «Land of Joy» has been developed. The programme is realized at the premises of care homes.

At the beginning of the year 2015 – 4 care homes of Dnepropetrovsk district, 750 participants.

The programme members fall into certain modeled real-life situations in which they learn to make decisions self-dependently and be pro-active, gain experience of money circulation and friendly behavior in real life. In the “Land of Joy”, there are its own laws, rules, ranks, money earning methods and penalties.

Program's Rules

  • Being active in studies, worthy behavior, patronage assistance to the juniors, achievements in sport, participation in cleanup in care homes children get "Radiks". This is a method of money earning.
  • Twice a year we bring big FAIR to the children in care homes. This is an analogue of a customary shop, although one uses "Radiks" to pay for goods. Children can buy stationery, goods for hand-made works, personal hygiene products, toys, books and the other stuff. This is a motivation for participation in the programme.

Programme results

  • A child clearly understands that responsibility and work are equal to money earning and well-being. Due to peculiarities in their development, not each of these children is able to think logically and consistently. Therefore, to impress as axioms specific life rules on them is sometimes the only way to educate a self-dependent personality.
  • Children lose the habit to receive free gifts, and consequently, leave off a position of a welfare recipient in future.
  • Children get skills of budget planning. There is a positive dynamics in inappetence to buy all and sundry.
  • Children evolve a sense of responsibility, sense of purpose, proactivity and diligence. From our working experience, orphaned children are in lack of these very qualities.

«Healthy Future» Project

Also, there is a project «Healthy Future» within the programme «Land of Joy» aimed at sport promotion among children and youth of Dnepropetrovsk district.