How can you help?

All activities of the charity fund are performed with the permanent close support of charity givers and volunteers. Please, find below the list of primary wants that the fund is constantly in need of:

  1. Financial aid
  2. Any articles in any quantity
    • Office supplies;
    • Personal hygiene products;
    • Articles for handmade crafts;
    • Sport equipment, etc.
  3. Volunteer help in running events
  4. Your occupational experience
    • Teachers;
    • Psychologists;
    • Doctors;
    • Master class organizers.
  5. Support with transportation
    • Car transport;
    • Freight transport;
    • Buses.
  6. Organization of excursions for kids
    • Factories;
    • Theatres;
    • Camping sites;
    • Circus, etc.
  7. Discounts for goods and services
    • Medical services;
    • Food for children;
    • Printing services;
    • Any other goods and services.
  8. Support with marketing of the fund
    • Support with media coverage;
    • Translation of texts into English;
    • Administration of groups in social networks;
    • Ideas, projects, brainstorming.