About Charitable Foundation «Giving Joy»

Who are we?

We are a team of charity foundation «Giving Joy» and we have been working for 7 years under the principle of smart charity.

we do not give presents — we teach children to think. We work out and successfully implement educational programmes on kids development for children with deprived childhood*.

* children with deprived childhood are orphaned children and teenagers, children deprived of parental care, children from multi-child or needy families, disabled children and children with defects of mental and physical development, children from family based care homes and foster families from 6 to 23 years old.

In the future programmes will capture general education schools.

Foundation’s vision

«Do you want to help a human? Teach him/her how to fish rather than giving them a fish!»

In consciousness of a child from care home the status of an orphan is firmly fixed with the accompanying motto – «everybody owes me!». Neglected children also have such an attitude towards life. Tragedy of such a way of thinking lies in the fact that moving into adulthood teenagers almost do not have the following skills:

  • to earn money;
  • to plan out the budget;
  • to communicate;
  • to behave in different real-life situations;
  • to make a good family;
  • to act in household situations, etc.

Much of activity of the current charity givers is primarily based upon the single ideological platform – compassion upon orphaned children. This is the main reason why many of leavers from care homes have no self-dependence at all and those spiritual resources that may help with problems of starting independent life.

For that reason why our work is hinged as follows: professional teachers and psychologists develop special developmental programmes adopted for each kid who we work with. This is precisely why one needs to take into account peculiarities of physical and mental development, psychological status and real-life situation. As a result, we observe upward trend of children development and positive results from such programmes.

More than 1 000 children take part in programmes of Fund.

Geography of Fund

We have 4 boarding school under the care:

  1. Education and Rehabilitation Center in Kotovka village.
  2. Teaching and Educational Complex «Harmony», Dnepropetrovsk city
  3. Orphanage Boarding of Dnepropetrovsk Regional Council
  4. Education and Rehabilitation Center "Gorlitsa" Dnepropetrovsk

География деятельности благотворительного фонда «Giving Joy»